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I highly enjoyed that, I usually wouldn't like a speculative game like this but this was presented so well and was just an interesting usage of the source material. Also it all felt "probable". Great job, especially for a demo!

Live comments! 

Did not expect the clapping, that caught me by surprise. The dice animation is cool. Man, the sounds of empty hell is eerie.

As I keep playing the game, the omnious feelings build. The sound effects really add to the atmosphere. Same with the emphasis on things getting cold.

Can confirm firefox gives it issues.

Holy crap, I haven't even started the game yet and the landing page/game screenshots LOOOK SOOO PROFESSIONAL. How long did it take you to do the art ?

Thank you!! I searched around to see what's generally on landing pages, since it's a bit different from anything I've every really had to do aha! The backgrounds took three or so days and the sprites + inline illustrations took two or so days overall! A bit rushed at the end there because of it- and implementing them, but I'm keeping that in mind for next time :)

soooo amazing 

Thank you! Glad you liked it :D

is this so good games i love it and i like it so much i love it this games

:D Thank you! Glad you liked it!

This was fun! Also had issues in Firefox as you mentioned, but Chrome worked fine. Poor firefox. :(

Fantastic art!

Hey! Glad you liked it! And yes, I need to study up more on Twine to see if I can figure out what's causing the hiccup and see if I can fix it!

This was rather fun to play and it kept the soul of the cuphead game but made it's own mark at the same time, looking forward to the complete game

Thank you! That's what I'm going for, delving deeper into the world of Cuphead, from the perspective of another character, who might have different's such fun to write!